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The Sport Channel Launches On Windows Media Center

As part of Microsoft's TV On Your PC campaign, the Sports Channel for Windows Media Center has launched just in time for March Madness.  I have the privilege of previewing it and can say it will further move one away from a depedence on the scheduling of any one network to the convenience of a la carte viewing of DVRs, internet video, etc.

Even though I am out-of-state, I live just a quarter mile from the Connecticut television market.  Like a tax payer whose, severance, teaches them a hard lesson in marginal tax rates, the quarter mile makes me unhappy when it comes to following the UCONN Huskies.  Without TV On Your PC, I am stuck to the scheduling of the network and to the hopes I can catch highlights.

No longer. This out-of-state UCONN fan looks forward to following the Huskies' March to Detroit at my convenience.  One of the best features of TV On Your PC is the ability to pick and choose those segments from CBS Sports, Fox Sports and MSNBC Sports that you want to see.  Whether it is a season preview of the Minnesota Twins, a game preview of UCONN-Pittsburgh of FOXSports' Mike Harmon providing his Top Five Rookies, the freedom to view them is based solely on your preference.

However, this is soon to be eclipsed by the at-a-click convenience coverage of March Madness.  Here is what I am looking forward to:

With the Sports Channel’s “College Hoops” feature stream coverage and highlights of the men’s College Basketball games in March and April with Windows Media Center. Providing other options in addition to/other than viewing the game live, viewers can watch:

Watch complete games in condensed form shortly after the games are completed (condensed form means you get all the game action without timeouts, half time, ball retrieval, etc.)

  • Watch the marquee games in the first two rounds, then all the games after that through to the championship game
  • Game Highlights (1-2 min)
  • Highlights from every tournament game (63 games total)
  • Post Game Interviews (1-2 min)
  • Post game interviews as available
  • Buzzer Beaters (2-10 min)
  • Last few minutes plus of select games with great finishes