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2009 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

OF Franklin Gutierrez, Seattle Mariners:  Given the move towards defense, expect Gutierrez to receive everyday ABs in CF.  The power may not be much more than what he showed in Cleveland, but the SBs could go way up.  He'll no longer be shackled by Eric Wedge's distain for stealing.

SS/OF Ben Zobrist, Tampa Bay Rays:  12 HRs as a SS-eligible compels attention in AL-Only leagues.  Believing that power is real is the key.  The Rays may have Zobrist starting in CF on Opening Day.  I am more believer than not.

OF Rajai Davis, Oakland A's:  Ryan Sweeney is injured.  With full-time ABs, Davis could be one of the top players in April.  Even if Sweeney doesn't miss time, Davis and the A's have shown he will run.

OF Jordan Schafer, Atlanta Braves:  Following the trade of CF Josh Anderson, logic dictates Schafer has won the CF job.  While some will argue he needs more minor league ABS, the Braves have shown they will promote there top hitters after half a season or so of AA. 

3B Emilio Bonifacio, Florida Marlins: For whatever reason, the Marlins want him at 3B.  Leave it to the pure baseball theorists whether that is wise.  Fantasy baseball cares only about opportunity and production.  In Bonifacio's case, he is shaping up like a poor man's Chone Figgins.

OF Daniel Murphy, New York Mets:  Manager Jerry Manuel reiterated Murphy will bat 2nd between Jose Reyes and Carlos Baltran.  He might turn out to be the best #2 hitter in New York this year.  Well, only if the Yanks bat Derek Jeter second.