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NL-Only Tout Wars Draft Results

I quickly reviewed the results of the NL-Only Tout Wars draft yesterday, and was surprised at the following:

  • Mets 3B David Wright went for $39, $1 MORE than Albert Pujols.
  • Dodgers OFer Matt Kemp went for $32, and was the OFer with the 4th highest bid, $2 behind Ryan Braun, but $6 more than Manny Ramirez and Alfonso Soriano.
  • Pirates OFer Nate McLouth was drafted for $34, the same bid fetched for Chase Utley and Jimmy Rollins.
  • Mets set-up man JJ Putz went for $9, and someone bid $10 on him in the LABR draft-why so much? He went for $2 less than closers Jason Motte and Trevor Hoffman, $1 less than Manny Corpas and Huston Street, and $1 MORE than Kevin Gregg. Does Francisco Rodriguez have an injury we haven't heard about yet?
  • Braves SP Javier Vasquez went for $20, only $4 less than Jake Peavy, and $1 more than Chad Billingsley and Ricky Nolasco. Is he too hyped??
  • Diamondbacks 2B Felipe Lopez fetches $19, $1 more than Dan Uggla and $3 more than Kelly Johnson. WTF?
  • Braves OFer Jordan Schaeffer went for $15, and may not start the season in Atlanta.
  • Rockies OFer Ryan Spilborghs fetched $17, $2 less than teammate Brad Hawpe.
  • How the mighty have fallen department: Todd Helton-$13, Derrek Lee-$23, Juan Pierre-$10, and Brian Giles-$8.