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Picked Off: Spring Training Boxscores 3/2/2009

When reading Spring Training boxscores, one always risked leaving too early and being picked-off, but that risk is even higher now that many teams have seen their better players leave for the World Baseball Classic.  Keep that in mind before trying to take a half a step bigger lead on your fantasy competition.

SP Wade Davis, Tampa Bay Rays:  Three and a third more shutout innings makes Davis Spring Training 2009's first hype story.  It won't be long before we hear about David Price starting in AAA so Davis can be the 5th starter.

SP Homer Bailey, Cincinnati Reds:  At the opposite end, Bailey has done nothing but disappoint fantasy players after being hyped a couple seasons ago.  That didn't stop him from throwing three shutout innings with four Ks.  Reports claim he stopped drinking this winter.  Maybe that is the Spring Cliche we should note?

1B Kevin Millar, Baltimore Orioles:  Another day in the clean-up spot.  Another three-run homer.  Lyle Overbay is in trouble.  Whether Adam Lind or Travis Snider lose ABs at DH is undeterminable right now.  I fell confident stating Overbay will defintely lose time.  The only question left is who needs a $6MM 1B signed through 2010.

SP Brett Cecil, Toronto Blue Jays:  Two and two thirds shutout innings with three more Ks means Cecil should be getting the Spring hype I suspect will be showered on Wade Davis.  His seven Ks leads all but Fernando Rodriguez this Spring.

OF Andruw Jones, Texas Rangers:  Going 1-4 with just one strikeout, Jones has finally made an out that was not a strikeout.  Overall, he is 2-13 with 9 Ks.  Those K totals are the worst the Spring slightly ahead of Andrew McCutchen who has whiffed 7 times in his 1-13 spring.

3B Brandon Wood, Los Angeles Angels:  After a 3-4 day with his first Spring HR, Wood is 5-12 with just one strikeout.  With zero walks, he is showing he can be just the type of hitter Angels Manager For Life Mike Scioscia wants.