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NL LABR Draft Results: Catchers and Closers

On Friday, Eric posted links to the AL and NL-only LABR draft results. I like to compare the auction prices to the players I am keeping in my two NL-only auction leagues. In the UBA league, the only stretch as far as keepers goes appears to be Paul Maholm. He was drafted for $8 in LABR, and I plan to keep him at $10 in UBA, with the thought that he may build on his successful 2008 season.

But, what stood out for me was the prices that the NL catchers went for. Several months ago, I wrote an article here at Faketeams saying that the NL catching position would be deep, and it appears that the LABR owners agreed, as several catchers fetched $15+:

Brian McCann-$24

Geovany Soto-$23

Russell Martin-$22

Chris Iannetta-$20

Ryan Doumit-$18

Benjie Molina-$15

Ramon Hernandez-$15

I am sure if Pablo Sandoval was catcher eligible he would fetch $20+. As it was, he was drafted at $19 as a 1B-eligible hitter.

Another draft result surprise was how cheap the NL closers were drafted for, excluding Brad Lidge and Francisco Rodriguez . Could this be due to the plethora of unsettled closer roles in the NL this year? Or, due to the high percentage of turnover in the closers role?

Francisco Cordero-$15

Mike Gonzalez-$11

Huston Street-$9

Manny Corpas-$7

Chris Perez-$10

Jason Motte-$5

Chad Qualls-$13

Brian Wilson-$13

Kevin Gregg-$5

Carlos Marmol-$20

Trevor Hoffmann-$13

Heath Bell-$15