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2009 Fantasy Baseball Sleepers

With these five sleepers, I have completed one lap around the major leagues.  Next week, I will kick-up the second lap to six per day in order to finish by my Saturday afternoon AL-Only draft.

SS Marco Scutaro, Toronto Blue Jays:  With a full-time job and eligibility at 2B and 3B, Scutaro offers some quality production in Al-Only leagues.  As a matter of fact, in the deepest mixed leagues, those same attributes bring value.

OF Delmon Young, Minnesota Twins:  With his manager publicly stating Young is the oddman out in the Twins' outfield, Young is still hitting this Spring.  He slugged .405 last season and .408 the one before, but this Spring he has kicked that up to .549.  I do have some concern about the zero walks so far.

3B Brandon Wood, Los Angeles Angels:  Manager For Life Mike Scioscia has publicly stated Wood has no chance of starting at SS.  Despite this, Wood is a different player this Spring.  He has struck out just eight times in 49 ABs while producing a 347/396/735 slashstat line.  With no one behind 1B kendry Morales, I wouldn't be surprised to see Wood settle in there.

SP John Lannan, Washington Nationals:  A bad team plus a hot Spring pitching sensation equals forgotten players.  Lannan falls victim to the great showing of Jordan Zimmermann and the air of incompetence left by former GM Jim Bowden.

3B Mike Lamb, Milwaukee Brewers:  So what is starting 3B Bill Hall had off-season LASIk surgery.  He has still struck out nine times in 27 ABs with just a walk.  That is why I am afraid to correct my own vision.  With Craig Counsell no longer scraptastical, Lamb is left as the default playing time winner.  Hoping a return to the NL fixes his 2008 slump seems more likely than Counsell recovering his 15 SB speed last seen in 2006, right?