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Fantasy Football Roundup for 27 March

Some notable goings-on in the world of fantasy football:

- Mike Vick is out of jail!  Oh wait, it's just so he can go to court so they can beat on him for doing some more stuff wrong.  I think they're just piling on at this point.


- More Donte' Stallworth news:

Cleveland Browns wide receiver Donte Stallworth said he flashed his car's headlights to warn a pedestrian before fatally striking a man in Miami Beach last month, according to a report released by police.

Stallworth doesn't actually mention, you know, slowing down.  Which would've been helpful. It's hard to imagine that Stallworth was the first WR taken -- and the 13th player taken overall! -- in the 2002 Draft.


- Sad news for Texans' RB Ryan Moats.  He got word late that his mother-in-law was in the hospital dying; she didn't have much time left.  Moats, his wife and family speed to the hospital, where a police officer (Robert Powell) pulls him over in the hospital parking lot for running a red light.

Powell kept Moats and another family member for 13 minutes, threatening Moats with arrest and lecturing him. By the time Moats was released and entered the hospital, Jonetta Collinsworth had died.

Geez.  Condolences to the Moats' family. 


- Charles Rogers, arguably the worst NFL draft pick of the last ten years (if not more), is in jail.

The second pick overall in the 2003 NFL draft chose to be locked up for 30 days, with credit for 15 days served, instead of staying in an intensive drug counseling program after violating probation in a domestic violence case.

"I'm just going to do my 10 days, get out of the court system and try to get in shape for a comeback," Rogers said Wednesday in a telephone interview with The Associated Press from the Oakland County jail in Pontiac, Mich. "Am I sad about the way my life has turned out? No, because I know the strides I've made to take care of Charles Rogers."

Good luck with the comeback Charles.  I'm sure referring to yourself in the third person will help with that. 

And just because I like to harp on it, the Lions passed on both Andre Johnson and Anquan Boldin in order take Rogers.