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Stash Candidates

It's time to look at end game stash candidates.  Before you draft find out If you have one or two DL slots.  The extra spot facilitates more late spec play.

Tim Hudson - His target date is August 1st giving owners a two month home stretch boost if they can afford the DL spot.  More than likely he'll be picked up in June/July after following his progress.

Kelvim Escobar - Mike Scioscia said on Tuesday that he anticipates a May 1st return for Escobar.  In most 12 team leagues he's going undrafted and is worth a late round flyer.  When healthy he's a nice 4th fantasy starter.

Billy Wagner - In my recent closer-happy league draft I kept making jokes about who would take Wagner.  It's a year to year league so people were correct to not take him.  All signs point to Wagner being out for all of '09 after elbow reconstruction.  He'll be 38 in '10 when the Mets have an $8 million option.  If you're playing in a deep keeper league and you already know you're playing for '10 save a buck for him in the end game.  With his track record and all the closer turnover from year to year he could have a job this time next year.

John Smoltz - It looks like a June return for Smotlz.  With great bullpen and offensive support behind him after his return Smoltz could be a major asset in the 2nd half.  In '08 before his injury he had 36 K's in 28 innings with a 2.57 ERA and 1.18 WHIP.  He could go as early as the 20th round of 12 team mixed leagues.

Pedro Martinez - He's not hurt and therefore won't be eligible for a DL slot but in deeper leagues Pedro's worth a late flyer.  After his solid WBC an unexpected injury in someone's rotation could mean Pedro's return.  I was burned after taking a chance on him last year but would consider taking him again very late if I had the need for a starter and didn't feel like taking the likes of Carl Pavano.

Ben Sheets - He's still without a team and may be worse off injury-wise then we know but when healthy he's a big time asset.  Monitor him closely and see if he's DL eligible.  I'm guessing no.  However, I'd recommend stashing him when he signs with someone and gains the DL spot.

Julio Lugo - He's the very definition of cheap steals.  He won't be on the DL long after a knee scope on 3/17.  He should return a week or two into the season.  Monitor Jed Lowrie's start of the season and take a flyer on Lugo if Lowrie struggles.