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NFL Considers 18-Game Season And Then Hates On Buffalo

An interesting article out yesterday talks about how the NFL is considering dropping one or two preseason games and extending the regular season by one or two games.

"I haven't made a decision on whether we'll have a 17-game or 18-game season. We'll have a good feeling on it when we come out of these meetings," Goodell said. "We have to sit down with our partners and go through negotiations. We think our content continues to be more valuable to our partners."

As a fantasy football fan, I say "Bring It On!!".  More fantasy football is better than less fantasy football.  Although an 17-game season would likely mean a 16 game fantasy season.  Add in one week for the bye and that means a 17 week fantasy season.  How do you put together a balanced schedule in a 17 week league?  Well, that's a problem for another day.

Now to the genius part.  Back on March 18th I was talking about the impending suspension of Bills RB Marshawn Lynch.  I mentioned that since the NFL schedule wasn't out yet we didn't know how bad the suspension would hurt the Bills, but I said:

The NFL will probably schedule the Bills to start the season at New England, just to rub it in.

So today the NFL announces the first Monday Night Football schedule (although, oddly, not the entire Week 1 schedule) and what do we see?

The Monday night doubleheader on ESPN on Sept. 14 will feature Buffalo, with Terrell Owens, at New England, with, the Patriots hope, a returning Tom Brady.

There you go.  Although I'll admit that predicting the NFL would hose the Bills doesn't exactly require a Nostradamus-level of foresight.