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Browns Sign RB Noah Herron

If you believe that Browns' RB Jamal Lewis will finally break down this season, then here's some news for you.

Running back Noah Herron has signed with the Cleveland Browns, who lost Jason Wright to free agency earlier this week.

The 26-year-old Herron was drafted by Pittsburgh in the seventh round in 2005. He has rushed for 273 yards, caught 29 passes for 211 yards and scored five touchdowns in 23 career games with Green Bay and Tampa Bay.

Yeah, ok, so it's a slow NFL news day. 

And yeah, I'm still working on my hangover from my weekend-long fantasy baseball draft weekend.  But hey, it's something.

There's not even a guarantee that Herron will make the team.   Somebody has to backup Lewis though and right now Herron is in the mix.