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NFBC Results: Jeff Erickson of Rotowire

While the LABR results hold a lot of interest for us old-timers of Rotisserie baseball, the NFBC is a more apt league to watch for mixed leagues.  It is a high stakes contest in which the serious cash forces serious roster decisions.  As a 15-team mixed league, it sets the bar for deep mixed league formats.

Jeff Erickson of Rotowire drafted from the 15-spot.  This is the team he drafted.

Broken down by position, it looks like this (reserves in parenthesis):

C  Soto, Mauer (Flores)
1B/3B/CR  Delgado, Jones, Zimmerman
2B/SS/MI  Roberts, Drew, Matsui (Velez)
OF  Beltran, Choo, Winn, Cust, Rasmus (Willingham)
UT  Guillen

SP  Lincecum, Lowe, Slowey, Sanchez, Maholm, Miller (Anderson, Wakefield, Bailey, Hochevar)
RP Motte, Corpas, Nunez


1. Carlos Beltran
2. Tim Lincecum
3. Brian Roberts
4. Geovanny Soto
5. Stephen Drew
6. Chipper Jones
7. Carlos Delgado
8. Ryan Zimmerman
9. Joe Mauer
10. Carlos Guillen
11. Derek Lowe
12. Kevin Slowey
13. Jason Motte
14. Shin-Soo Choo
15. Kazuo Matsui
16. Manuel Corpas
17. Randy Winn
18. Jack Cust
19. Jonathan Sanchez
20. Colby Rasmus
21. Paul Maholm
22. Jesus Flores
23. Andrew Miller
24. Leo Nunez
25. Josh Willingham
26. Brett Anderson
27. Tim Wakefield
28. Homer Bailey
29. Luke Hochevar
30. Eugenio Velez