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Fantasy Chat Stew 3/21/2009

The Fantasy Chat Stew was complied to some of the some great classic rock and heavy metal.  Here are three lines from three of the songs that helped inspire this week's stew.  Can you guess the songs?

  1. "History shows again and again how nature points out the folly of man." 
  2. "We'll know for the first time, if we're evil or divine..."
  3. "White Man came across the sea.  He brought us pain and misery."
Jimmy (Crapchester): Lightning Round Question? Long term: Chris Davis (Tex) or Matt LaPorta (Cle)

Joe Sheehan: Matt LaPorta. I remain skeptical, perhaps more than I should, about Davis' contact rate.

SF, CA: Steve I'm 8th out of 10 in my NL-only 5x5 draft, thinking I have a chance at either Santana/Lincecum or Utley with my first pick; what are your thoughts on Utley's health & early-season production ? Thanks
Steve Gardner: I'm skeptical about Utley jumping right back into things and being a power-hitting monster this soon after his hip surgery. He's worth a shot as a second-rounder because other than Brandon Phillips, the rest of the NL second basemen don't thrill me. I'd imagine Ryan Howard, Santana, Lincecum and/or Alfonso Soriano would be available at the No. 8 spot. I'd go with one of them over Utley.
Ewan (Vancouver B.C.): What do you think about the Royals moving Mark Teahen to 2nd base? Is he likely to cut it defensively, and if he sticks there does his bat put him in the upper half of the league?

Rob Neyer: I think it's preposterous to think he's a long-term solution there. How many double plays do the Royals *not* turn this spring because their second baseman is still learning?

Peanut the Cat (Home): I'm going to the vet tomorrow, but need this question answered before hand. In my AL only keeper league, I have Chris Getz for $6. Is he worth keeping if he wins the job?

Brendan Roberts: (3:07 PM ET ) Hmm, a close one. He'd go probably for right around that, but assuming you aren't loaded in the MI, and as weak as 2B is in the AL, yeah, I'd keep him. ...Your joke reminds me of a Far Side comic I saw once: A dog leans out the window and tells his dog buddy, "My owner says I'm going to the vet to 'tutored'! Sorry, back to the questions.

Zach, Boston: How much longer can the Angels ignore Brandon Wood's performance this spring? Sciosa just said that he doesn't plan to keep Wood at short, even though he's defensively capable and much better offensively than both Izturis or Aybar. Wood is hurt by the perception of him as a bust as a prospect when in fact, he's developed very well over the last few years, bettering himself in all facets of his game.

John Manuel: The perception of him by fans has nothing to do with Scioscia's perception of him. I'm not sure what Scioscia's issue with him is, but he's around him every day and also knows what he wants. Aybar is a pretty good player, and both of those guys are better defenders than Wood. That said, I wish Brandon Wood were, say, a Twin, where he'd fit perfectly in the lineup, but who knows if Gardenhire would play him at SS either? My guess is he wouldn't, he'd slide Wood to 3b. If Wood were a Giant, I'd pick SF to win the West. Give that guy 500 ABs, and I'd peg him for a .260/.320/.480 season with 20-25 homers, and average defense at short. I think that's a realistic expectation of Brandon Wood. But Mike Scioscia is better at his job than you or I at ours.

Kevin (Waukee, IA): Any players you have a unexplainable bad feeling about for this year?

Eric Karabell : I'm getting concerned about the league I have Joe Mauer as a keeper. I guess we can explain it, but I have a bad feeling he's hurt all year. Also for some reason I have a bad feeling about Joba, and now Morrow, who I've compared to one another in the past.

Rob (Dallas): Any players you have a unexplainable GOOD feeling about for this year?

Eric Karabell : Many more, I assure you! Sandoval I like more than most. Granderson. Votto. Wieters of course.

Fairfax, Va.: How much do you consider positional scarcity when you draft? What positions seem particularly tough to you these days?

Chris Liss: In the AL, shortstop is a wasteland - you have Jeter, Peralta, Michael Young - maybe Mike Aviles - so that's a thin one (more depth there in the NL). I certainly consider it while drafting, but try to keep it in balance. Remember also that just because shortstops appear scarce in the AL now doesn't mean that 3 or 4 Aviles types might not emerge later.

Jon (Phoenix): Are you a believer in Nolasco?

Keith Law: I think he is what he was in 2008. There's no more upside there. And that's quite good.

Erik the Clown (Birthday Party): No, I don't know Bozo. What is he, a clown? You're livin' in the past, MAN! Look to the future--give me some AL pitchers to target in the rookie part of my draft, with ETA of 2010 or 2011. Thanks, and I gotta run--gotta go put out a grease fire with my big shoe!

Tristan H. Cockcroft : Derek Holland? Trevor Cahill? Brett Anderson? Though I wouldn't be shocked to see any of them get a little big-league time in 2009...

John (Cincy): AJ, I have been reviewing the experts mocks as of a 10 team, H2H, whats your favorite/signature strategy?

AJ Mass: (11:18 AM ET ) In H2H, I like to draft pitchers early and often. In any week, I want 12-15 save chances to ensure I win that category by sheer volume, and I want as many aces as possible. If I can win 5 pitching categories and then start my lineup with SB specialists, I may be able to win each week without worrying about having a balanced offense.

Lansing, MI: Who would you prefer for 5X5 this season and why: Milledge or CBY?
Ron Shandler: Batting average killers are tough to overcome so edge to Milledge who has more upside there. CBY's extra productivity can be made up in other areas, and it's entirely possible that Milledge will move into that class anyway.