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Bobby Engram Lands In Kansas City

Passing up free agent WRs Torry Holt and Marvin Harrison, the Chiefs have instead signed veteran WR Bobby Engram.

Engram said Tuesday that he knows his role is to catch passes, and — like Vrabel — to also be a leader and mentor on a team that didn’t have enough of either in 2008.

Besides, it won’t hurt Kansas City that Engram and Vrabel have appeared in a combined five Super Bowls.

“That definitely has to count for something,” Engram said. “That carries some weight with some guys.”

I spend a lot of time criticizing the Chiefs, but I like this move.  Engram is a veteran -- at age 36, he's a superveteran -- and he should provide the type of clubhouse leadership the Chiefs need. 

I like Engram's fantasy value here too, especially since 2009 is an odd-numbered year.  In the past three odd-numbered years, Engram has averaged 854 receiving yards.  In the past three even-numbered years, he's averaged 426 receiving yards.  Does that mean anything?  Not really, it's just a weird statistical thing.  Unless you're Jim Cramer!

Engram could be a decent bye-week fantasy fill-in as the Chiefs WR2, especially since opposing defenses will be concentrating on Dwayne Bowe.  People will make fun of Engram because he's ancient, but if he stays healthy (admittedly a big "if") he's worth a pickup.