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Get Out Your Checkbook: Torry Holt Cut By The Rams

The Rams' Torry Holt -- at one point arguably the best WR in fantasy football -- has been cut.  

St. Louis Rams have released wide receiver Torry Holt, the 11th-leading receiver in NFL history.

The move had been expected for some time and comes on the heels of the Rams releasing left tackle Orlando Pace. The two moves together cleared about $14 million in salary cap space for the team.

Mark me down as one guy who still thinks Holt has gas left in the tank.  He had 64 catches for 796 yds and 3 TD last season, totals that are definitely un-Holt-like.  Don't let that fool you, he was playing for a Rams team that was terrible in a lot of ways.  A LOT of ways.  He's not going to be a WR1 that gets you 1400 receiving yards again, but he's more than capable of another 1000 yard season in the right situation. 

What's the right situation?  The ones that jump out to me are Dallas, Philadelphia and Indianapolis.  He would be a fantasy football star in any one of those offenses.  They're also looking for WRs in Kansas City and San Francisco, but his value there would be considerably lower.

There's one more thing that's important not to overlook in this story: the Rams' new WR1 is Donnie Avery.  Avery finished with 53 catches for 674 yds and 3 TDs last year, totals that aren't too bad for a WR2 in a terrible offense.  For example, those numbers are better than those of Patrick Crayton (WR2 in Dallas) or Anthony Gonzalez (WR2 in Indianapolis), two guys who were in great offenses and no doubt were on a somebody's team in your league last year. 

If you give Avery at least as much credit as Crayton and Gonzalez, then his move up to WR1 means he should be on your draft list this season.  Don't forget about him.