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Picked Off: Spring Training Boxscores 3/1/2009

C Matt Wieters, Baltimore Orioles:  So Wieters hit his first Spring Training HR.  Given the hype surrounding him, I'm surprised he wasn't able to hit two - in the same at-bat!  Seriously, Wieters was playing with the B-team today so all the hype is going to be put off until sometime after Opening Day.

SP Aaron Harang, Cincinnati Reds:  Should anyone be worried that the Yankees smacked aroung Harang for six hits and three runs in three innings?  Not normally, but Harang fell off a cliff last season, and he failed to strike out any of the batters he faced today.  A rebound seems less likely than some hope.

OF Jeff Francouer, Atlanta Braves:  After an 0-2 day, Frenchy is now 1-10.  Concerned?  Not really.  After last season's dud, expectations amongst fantasy players are so low that no one is surprised.  He has walked twice, though, and that could be something.  Right?

OF Brian Barton, St. Louis Cardinals:  Two HRs and 6 RBIs merits mentioning especially with the Cards opening some space in their OF by moving Skip Schumaker to 2B.  Ankiel, Ludwick and Rasmus would still block Barton, but a 4th OF with HR/SB skills has sleeper written all over him.

SP Brandon Morrow, Seattle Mariners:  He started yesterday's game against the Texas Rangers and lasted one inning.  That is not terribly surprising, but I can't help thinking he is going to be a 5 inning pitcher as a starter.  That means he is going to need the bullpen to hold whatever leads he passes on.  Read: low expectations for Wins.

3B Dayan Viviedo, Chicago White Sox:  Thanks the MLBN, I got the watch some of the game against the Dodgers.  Viciedo looked big but not as big as most have reported.  Based on those second-hand opinions, I expected an Angel Villalona type.  Viciedo was defintely not jiggly.