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Marshawn Lynch Likely To Be Suspended

Not really a surprise, but it seems to be getting closer.  Lynch really needs to stop carrying guns around and hitting people with his car.

Buffalo Bills running back Marshawn Lynch will meet Tuesday with NFL commissioner Roger Goodell in New York to discuss Lynch's arrest last month -- the second time in nine months he has been involved with the law.

The expectation is that Lynch will be suspended, with persons close to the situation anticipating that Goodell probably punishes him for one but no more than two regular-season games.

Lynch earlier this month pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor gun charge stemming from a Feb. 11 arrest in Culver City, Calif. According to the police report, Lynch was one of three men seated in a parked Mercedes Benz when he was questioned.

Let me tell you, if I was a star NFL running back there are lot of things I'd rather be doing than sitting in a parked car with some dudes and some guns.  Hey man, buy a Playstation or something.  Geez.

This will probably bump Lynch down a few spots on the draft list, which is a shame because he was a Top Ten fantasy RB before this.  He still might be, but there's always the chance he'll do something else stupid later on so you need to factor that in.

This shouldn't have much of an effect on the newly formed Edwards-Evans-Owens offensive juggernaut as backup RB Fred Jackson is good enough to grind it out for a game or two.  The official NFL schedule isn't out yet, so the exact opponents the Bills will be facing without Lynch aren't known. 

The NFL will probably schedule the Bills to start the season at New England, just to rub it in.