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Donte' Stallworth Kills Pedestrian, Future Uncertain

Miami Police have reported that Browns' WR Donte' Stallworth hit and killed a pedestrian last Saturday.

Stallworth was headed toward the beach when he hit Mario Reyes, 59, around 7 a.m., said Miami Beach police spokesman Juan Sanchez. The unidentified pedestrian was taken to a nearby trauma center, where he was pronounced dead about an hour later. Reyes was near a crosswalk but it's not clear if he was crossing legally.

Stallworth, 28, was cooperating and no charges have been filed, Sanchez said. Officers drew blood to test for drugs or alcohol, which is routine. Sanchez said results from the blood test could take anywhere from three days to three weeks.

Wow.  My condolences go out to the victim and his family.  Obviously, the personal implications of this event overshadow fantasy football.  Since this is a fantasy football post though, I'll stick to that.  

Stallworth was a massive disappointment last year, catching 17 passes for 170 yards in the first season of a gigantic $35 million contract.  Yes, a team actually gave Donte' Stallworth $35 million.  I can't get my head around that. 

Stallworth was expected to be the WR2 opposite Braylon Edwards this season, a position that is even more critical for the Browns since they traded Kellen Winslow.  With this hanging over his head, I don't see how he can be a solid WR.  Even if he's completely absolved of all legal blame, killing a man has got to mess you up.  And let's face it, Stallworth wasn't all that good to begin with.

Life is not going to be easy for Brady Quinn this season.