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MLB Rumors: Pedro Martinez

After several very good outings in the WBC, Pedro Martinez is being pursued by several teams, including the Mets and recently the Dodgers.

Pedro makes sense for the Mets since their projected 5th starters are recently signed Tim Redding, who gave up 9 runs in two innings last night vs. the Marlins, and Livan Hernandez. Hernandez can give the Mets innings, but that's about it. He will give up more than a hit per inning, and have an ERA in the 5's. Pedro, should he stay healthy, and that's a big IF, should perform better than that if he can continue to pitch like he did in the WBC.

Martinez would also make sense for the Dodgers, at the right price, as he would serve as a bridge to James McDonald, who will start the season in the bullpen, ala Chad Billingsley two years ago. McDonald ultimately will take over the 5th starter spot in 2009, as long as he can pitch successfully out of the bullpen to start the season. He eventually could be a 2 or 3 in a 5-man rotation.

Plus, the Dodgers need a 5th starter, as their current choices are: Jason Schmidt, Eric Milton and Shawn Estes. Ned-fire up that Blackberry one more time!