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Fantasy Chat Stew

With the urgency to post that only the fast approaching birth of a child can bring, here is the week's serving of Fantasy Stew.   While waiting for the wife the finally say it was time to get to the hospital, Ronnie James Dio's "Holy Diver", "Last In Line" and "Rainbow In The Dark" along with Blue Oyster Cult's Cowbell Song provided the background noise.

(FWIW, this was originally done before Eric Karabell's Friday morning chat in the event of the aforementioned stork visited before Saturday.)

PJ (Middleboro MA): First of all I love your work (I've listened to both podcasts since they started) more than the Sports Guy despite his Boston homerism but I digress I know you gave some of your sleepers on the BS Report but can you give us a sleeper in each position?

Matthew Berry - Talented Mr. Roto: I sorta did this with my All-Undervalued team....But let me give you one each that WASn"T on that list...

Matthew Berry - Talented Mr. Roto: C: Gerald Laird in DET. No Pudge and the team will hit.

Matthew Berry - Talented Mr. Roto: 1b: Mike Jacobs

Matthew Berry - Talented Mr. Roto: 2b: Orlando Hudson, esp w/ Manny there

Matthew Berry - Talented Mr. Roto: SS: A healthy Troy Tulowitzki isn't getting love this year

Matthew Berry - Talented Mr. Roto: 3B; Mark Reynolds.

Matthew Berry - Talented Mr. Roto: OF: Matt Joyce in TB, Juan Rivera, I already mentioned Nelson Cruz, Franklin Gutierrez, Josh Anderson will steal 30 at least in Atlanta, even hitting low and crappy, DANIEL Murphy, Nyjer Morgan is another cheap source of speed...

Adam (NY, NY): I know it's spring, but Brett Gardner has seemed to make a lot of adjustments and looks great at the plate. Beyond helping the Yanks, he could become a sleeper in fantasy drafts. If he plays 130 games he will get 40 SBs...thoughts??

Rob Neyer: Yeah, he will ... But he has to play Gold Glove defense to balance his lack of power ... Can he do that? I hope so, because I think the game is more interesting when there's a place for guys like him.

Joel (Atlanta, GA):'s very hard to trade in my league. The only person that ever wants to trade with me is my waiver wire. Do you have any specific tips for drafting (via auction) in a league where I'm probably not going to be able to make a trade? How would your draft/auction mentality differ?

Tristan H. Cockcroft: Draft balanced and do not punt! And if you must be weak in one spot, make it either starting or relief pitching (but not both). That's the place you're more likely to find quality waiver adds, but I'll speak from experience that while saves can be had off the waiver wire, you won't be getting them unless you're your league's waiver-wire hound. I won't give you that casual "get saves off free agency," because that's the fact of the matter, you must be on the wire every day to make that a successful strategy.

george (Hallifax): Debating a buddy over who will be better this year, Votto or Morneau. Can you offer us comparative projections? (Both are Canadian 1Bs)

Joe Sheehan: Morneau's right in his peak...I know a couple of systems love Votto's defense, which may tilt the scale in his favor. Overall, I'd take Morneau this year, and Votto thereafter.

Jeremy in Ohio: Do you think we will see Matt LaPorta on the 25 man roster for the Indians?

Ben Badler: If not by Opening Day then definitely by May 1.

Jacob, Portland:: Who are your 5 hitters that you think will break out?

Eric Karabell: I don't know if this is in order, but off the top of my head, Sandoval in San Fran, Lind in Toronto, Brandon Wood to a degree for the Angels (power, not average), Fontenot, Elijah Dukes, Andy LaRoche (I believe, kinda)...

Roger (NM): Tristan, which two or three players do you see as being the best values after pick 150?

Tristan H. Cockcroft: The first three names that come to mind that pretty much across the board go after pick 150 yet probably shouldn't are Brett Myers, Lastings Milledge and Billy Butler. 

Lancaster , Pa: Your take on Denard Span's 2009 performance stats and if you don't mind...the Detroit bullpen.....could Rodney or Zumaya sneak in as the closer?
Ron Shandler: I like Span a lot - terrific combination of on base ability and speed. 30 SB and .280 is probably a lock. All Rodney and Zumaya have blocking them from 35 saves is health, consistent skill and Brandon Lyon. Granted, Lyon has lost closer's roles before, but right now he's the incumbent and your duo still needs health and consistent skill.