Here is the team Clay Davenport drafted in the NL LABR.  The commentary included is Clay's.  I don't really agree with spending that much on two catchers since the injury/getting banged up risk is high.  Corners are awesome, MI are horrible.  OF has a lot of break out potential, but could flop.  Hoffman at 13 is a steal.

$22.00 C Russell Martin
$24.00 C Brian McCann

Because one stud catcher isn’t enough. I had my prices, they weren’t close to being reached, and I got them.

$27.00 1B Joey Votto
$44.00 3B David Wright
$14.00 CM Kevin Kouzmanoff

The corners are what Jason was looking at when he called this a BP team, because those are all BP kind of guys.

$1.00 2B David Newhan
$1.00 SS Ramon Vazquez
$1.00 MI Brendan Ryan

These guys aren’t. The downside of spending $46 at catcher. But I did win LABR two years ago with a $4 infield, so I can live with it.

$17.00 OF Justin Upton
$11.00 OF Cameron Maybin
$6.00 OF Josh Willingham
$3.00 OF Nate Schierholtz
$1.00 OF Gregor Blanco
$8.00 DH Colby Rasmus

That’s a group I really like, but not without risks.

$30.00 P Johan Santana
$13.00 P Trevor Hoffman
$5.00 P Cla Meredith
$8.00 P Rafael Soriano
$7.00 P Joe Blanton
$4.00 P Tony Pena
$9.00 P Oliver Perez
$2.00 P Andrew Miller
$1.00 P Daniel Cabrera
$1.00 P Dennys Reyes

A lot depends on Santana’s elbow. I wasn’t shooting for Hoffman, or any closer; I just couldn’t believe the bidding stopped there. Here’s hoping he’s got another year left in the arm. I’ve always liked Blanton, I had to go for Cla even if I have to ask “y?”, and everybody else has at least some potential. Soriano was an overpay, one I was cussing myself over as soon as I’d made it.

Steven Shell
Cha-Seung Baek
Brandon Backe
Nick Evans
Everth Cabrera
Eric Bruntlett

I don’t have great excitement here, except maybe for Baek, who really should have been bought during the draft; I had him at $4, and got him with the seventh pick or so in the draft.

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