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More NL LABR Rosters

Here is the NL LABR team drafted by Dalton Del Don of Rotowire.  Whenever I see an actual drafted team, my first reaction is to scan it and see if any players I like are on it and how much they fetched.  In this case, Colorado Rockies catcher Chris Iannetta and Milwaukee Brewers' ace Yovanni Gallardo were of particular note. (There is no way I can deal for a $3 Iannetta in my keeper league, but I can feel comfy raising Gallardo to $15.)

Next, I try to discern what the draft strategy was.  This is complicated by the fact one cannot tell if the drafter had a strategy that blew-up due to any numbers of reasons i.e. price enforcement gone wrong, other drafters with the same strategy.  In this case, I think DDD punted Saves and used that money to purchase everyday players and a good starting pitching staff.

After determining the strategy, I then think about how I would execute an in-season plan to maximize this roster and finish as high as possible.  For this team, I am looking to add Saves via the waiver wire and trade for them from my excess hitting.

How do you review drafted teams and how do you think DDD did?

Pos Player Price
C Chris Iannetta 20
C Bengie Molina 15
1B Travis Ishikawa 5
2B Freddy Sanchez 12
3B Edwin Encarnacion 20
SS Yunel Escobar 13
CI Bill Hall 2
MI Edgar Renteria 13
OF Chris Young 23
OF Elijah Dukes 21
OF Willy Taveras 17
OF Rick Ankiel 14
OF Seth Smith 6
U Chris Duncan 5
P Yovani Gallardo 19
P Chris Young 13
P Randy Johnson 12
P Manny Parra 8
P Chris Carpenter 6
P Jonathan Sanchez 6
P Jordan Zimmermann 6
P Homer Bailey 1
P LaTroy Hawkins 1
P Peter Moylan 2
B Mike Lamb R
B Tom Glavine R
B John Raynor R
B Jacque Jones R
B Brandon Jones R
B Jeff Stevens R