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Is Jay Cutler On His Way Out Of Denver?

The Denver Post is reporting that there is a lot of tension between QB Jay Cutler and Head Coach Josh McDaniels and that Cutler believes he could be traded within a month.

According to an NFL source, Broncos quarterback Jay Cutler came away from a conference call with team officials Monday believing that for the right deal, he would be traded between now and the NFL draft, which begins April 25.

Broncos coach Josh McDaniels would not comment, but a source close to the team said Broncos officials had a different interpretation of how the conference call went.

McDaniels was joined on one end of the conference call by Broncos owner Pat Bowlen, general manager Brian Xanders and chief operating officer Joe Ellis. Cutler was in Nashville, Tenn., during the call and was accompanied by his agent, Bus Cook.

Man, how cool is the name "Xander"?  Can you imagine if that was your last name?  What is that?  Greek?  Persian?   That rules!

Anyway, back to the fantasy football.  This sounds bad.   I don't think the Broncos would trade Cutler (although it's possible) but I do think there's a chance that Cutler could spend the season distracted and disgruntled, which is never a good thing for the fantasy value of any of the Broncos.   Cutler believes that McDaniels (who was the Patriots' offensive coordinator last season) wanted to dump him off in a trade for Matt Cassel.  Now Cassel has signed with KC and Cutler STILL thinks the head coach doesn't want him.  Not a good situation.

By the way, I'm going to say this early and often: I think that the success of former Patriots' coaches -- a group that includes McDaniels -- are largely products of the incredible talent that franchise has had over the past few years.  How McDaniels handles this situation will be a first sign as to how that theory is working out.