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NFL Free Agency Roundup - Kevin Jones

The Chicago Bears re-signed RB Kevin Jones to a two year contract last week.  Jones was a first round pick in 2004, when the Lions drafted him ahead of such RBs as Derrick Ward, Michael Turner, Julius Jones and Willie Parker.  Matt Millen was the gift that just kept on giving, wasn't he?


Apparently Jones almost signed as a backup with the Bills instead, but changed his mind at the last minute.  Considering how often Marshawn Lynch gets hauled into court, I would've thought Jones would be much more likely to play in Buffalo. 

Jones only had 34 carries for 109 yards last season, so it's hard to tell if he's healthy or not.  With his past troubles, the odds are on "not".  He'll be backing up starting RB Matt Forte, but he can't even be considered a reliable handcuff as the Bears are still inexplicably fond of using Garrett Wolfe and the other Adrian Peterson.  Even with a Forte injury, Jones is a big fantasy question mark.