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Johan Santana To Have "Precautionary" Tests

Johan Santana said he felt fine after his 31 pitch bullpen session this morning. But afterward, Omar Minaya reported that he would be sending Santana back to NY for "precautionary" tests on his tender elbow.

So what we have learned over the past few days is the following:

-On Thursday, it was announced that he will miss his start on Friday

-On Friday, we learned he would not make his start next Tuesday

-This morning we learn that he felt fine after his bullpen session, but will have tests on his elbow

All this, yet Santana keeps saying he will be fine. He is coming back from offseason knee surgery, and now has elbow problems. He has been the best pitcher in the majors the last 5 years, but has thrown 200+ innings in each of the last 5 years, while his K/9 has been dropping and his BB/9 have increased.

Does anyone else see a DL stint, or more surgery, in Santana's future?