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Fantasy Baseball: Drafting Pitchers In The First Round

I was reading some top 100 lists, along with Eric's Chat Stew post, and saw alot of rankings where I saw either Johan Santana or Tim Lincecum ranked in the top 10 or 12. This got me wondering how many people actually draft a pitcher in the 1st round of snake drafts?

I know in my NL only "BIG" league, there are at least two owners who will draft a pitcher in the 1st round this year....I can count on it. This league is a 5x5 league, and they cannot pass up the strikeouts and low ERA and WHIP. I won that league last year drafting all closers, middle relievers and a few starting pitchers, who I eventually traded for offensive upgrades. But, this year I am planning on drafting starting pitchers and one or two closers. I am sure this strategy will turn alot of heads.

I am changing strategy as I am sure the other owners are counting on me drafting closers and MRs again, so this may rangle a few owners draft strategies. But more importantly, I want to prove I can win the league drafting a "normal" roster.

But, the important question is-in what round do I start drafting starting pitchers?