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4th Annual Fake Teams Best Fantasy Baseball Names Contest

With Yahoo! opening its 2009 fantasy baseball this week, many fantasy baseball players will be looking for the best fantasy baseball names they can find.  What better time to kick-off the fourth annual Fake Teams' Best Fantasy Baseball Names Contest.  For those working in government and corporate bureaucracies, the acronnym is FTBFBNC.

To enter, you will need to set up a Fake Teams account and post your entry as a comment. Click the "Sign Up" link in the Menu section in the upper left (Or just click here.)  Choose a username, password and provide an email address.  You will then receive an email requesting verification.  Click the provided link and come back.  After that very brief process, you will be ready to become an active part of our conversations.

Just like last season, I will select five finalists, with some help from my wife, and then Fake Teams readers will be able to vote on the Top Three.

The contest will remain open until early AM Saturday February 15, 2009.  The finalists will be announced, and the polling will last until early AM Saturday February 22, 2009.

The tenative prizes will be a copy of Baseball Prospectus 2009: The Essential Guide to the 2009 Baseball Season.  This is subject to change, though.  Suggestions for prizes can also be made.

Here are the links to past entries along with one for a team name generator.


  1. 2008 Contest
  2. 2007 Contest
  3. 2006 Contest
  4. Team Name Generator

Past wining entries, and the vulgar ones I suggested here, are not eligible.

2008 Winners:

  1. Itchy Buchholz
  2. Always Wear Clean Hunter Pence
  3. If Olney I Had A Brain

2007 Winners:

  1. Schoenweiss and the Seven Dwarves
  2. Idaho Youdapimps
  3. Vlad to the Bone

2006 Winners:

  1. I'm Bill James, Bitch!
  2. Jeters Never Prosper
  3. Trailer Park Chan Hos
  4. VORP Sense of Humor
  5. Shriveled Barrys

Let the FTBFBNC begin!