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MLB Rumors: Giants Close to Signing Manny Ramirez?

Bill Shaikin from the LA Times reports that the San Francisco Giants are talking to Scott Boras about a possible 3 year deal for Manny Ramirez.

Shaikin quotes Giants president Larry Baer who says they have spoken to Boras several times over the last few days.

But Shaikin also adds this:

Baer would not say whether the Giants have extended an offer to Ramirez.

The Giants are not believed to be enthused about topping the Dodgers' offers of one year at $25 million or two years at $45 million, but a source familiar with their thinking recently told The Times they had not ruled out a three-year contract.

Does a 3 year deal get it done for Manny? What the heck is Frank McCourt doing? He's got an extra $30 million to spend after signing Randy Wof yesterday.

Will Ned Colletti swoop in in the 12th hour and offer Manny more money over 3 years like he did with Rafael Furcal?