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Deep Sleepers AL-Only

Maybe the time hasn't quite come to delve into sleepers, but I will do so anyways.  The definition of sleeper is always up for debate.  So I'll offer my working definition for this sleeper list:

A sleeper is a player who one would expect to go for less than $5 in a traditional 4x4 AL-only 12-team keeper league.  These are the deepest of sleepers.

RHP Adam Miller, Cleveland Indians:  The power righty has spent most of this decade as one of the Indians top prospects, but injuries have derailed his ascension to the major league club.  Miller is expected to be in the Tribes' bullpen in 2009.  The two-year contract given to Kerry Wood precludes an easy path the closer's job, as does the presence of Jensen Lewis.  However, Miller's K potential will place him on that fantasy favorite list - Future Closers.

C John Jaso, Tampa Bay Rays:  A left-handed catcher with pop will always have a place on a major league roster.  Jaso also has that rare ability to walk more than he strikeouts out.  With Dioner Navarro entrenched as the starting catcher, Jaso could see time in multiple roles this season. For a $1 as my second catcher, I'd be thrilled to roster him.

RHP Russ Springer, Oakland A's:  Billy Beane has continued the transformation of the Oakland A's from rebuilding club to a veteran one with the signing of Springer.  With two very young pitchers filling the presumptive closer role, I would not be surprised to see Russ Springer get the chance to close this season despite his complete lack of experience doing so.   After all, I'm still surprised with the move to being a veteran club.