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MLB Rumors: Manny Ramirez-Give In or Move On??

So Scott Boras and Manny Ramirez did what everyone expected them to do, they rejected the Dodgers offer of 1-year $25 million.

"They were who we thought they were!!"

Former Arizona Cardinals head coach Dennis Green used a similar statement after his team upset the Chicago Bears on Monday night football several years ago, and this statement certainly applies to the Boras-Ramirez team.

So what now?? Well, for Manny Ramirez he keeps working out, and hpes agent Scott Boras can find him a longer offer than the one and two year deals the Dodgers have already offered.

For the Dodgers, they can continue to wait for Manny and Scott to decide what kind of offer they will accept. Or, they can move on and work on offers for the likes of Adam Dunn, Bobby Abreu, Orlando Hudson, Randy Wolf and Ben Sheets. Some have offered that the Dodgers could sign Dunn/Abreu, Hudson, Wolf and Sheets for the price of Manny Ramirez.

Looking at this decision using Baseball Prospectus' WARP stat, or Wins Above Replacement, can help make the decision a little easier. I will compare the decision to sign Manny Ramirez and Randy Wolf vs. the decision to sign Wolf, Dunn, Hudson and Sheets.

Player WARP
Manny Ramirez 4.3
Randy Wolf 2.4
Total 6.7
Adam Dunn 3.8
Randy Wolf 2.4
Orlando Hudson 2.6
Blake DeWitt (2.1)
Ben Sheets 4.2
Total 10.9

So the question the Dodgers need to make is, will they earn 4 more wins by not signing Manny Ramirez and using that on the likes of Dunn, Hudson, Sheets and Wolf??

A healthy Sheets and Wolf would go a long way in solidifying the Dodgers starting rotation. But their health is a question.