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My Roto Playlist

I'm a big fan of the boys over at RotoSynthesis. They continue to pump out thoughtful pieces a few times a day on everything fantasy. They include the likes of Chris Liss, Dalton Del Don (best name in the business), Jonah Keri, Jeff Erickson, and others. Check it out.

Eric brought this up a couple weeks ago but, I thought it bears repeating, Jeff Erickson is back on "the air" at BlogTalkRadio. For the past few years Jeff's Fantasy Focus show has been on XM. I only got to hear him a couple of times while in rental cars with XM but I loved the show instantly. Now that he's on the internet I can listen live or catch the podcast (XM didn't podcast) at the very least. Every show he has a guest or two from one of the big fantasy outlets.

FYI, I've talked to Chris Liss on Facebook and he said his show will be back on in July after he finishes the Rotowire football magazine. Presumably he'll be on Blog Talk Radio around the same time of the day as Jeff.

The BaseballHQ Radio podcast is for the serious fantasy player. Seriously, you won't hear a joke or laugh for 45 minutes. It feels like Public Radio's version of fantasy. With that said, the information is top-notch and will help you analyze stats in a way you may be unaccustomed to. Get ready to fall in love with contact rates, PQS rates, strand rate, and command ratios.

My first true love in the world of fantasy podcasts is's Fantasy 411. Cory Schwartz and Mike Siano have brought me 3 years of fantasy happiness. During the season they're on 5 times a week and go down to 2 shows in the off season. They have a loyal following that's been with them through host changes, lineup changes, and format changes. Whether it's Siano talking about pints at Foley's or Cory talking about his NFBC team you'll enjoy it. The link above is their blog (updated daily) and it'll take you to their podcast.