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Early Spring Training Notes

Here's a list of some of the things I have read that may help fantasy/roto owners in 2009:

  • The Braves are considering giving Josh Anderson the CF job in 2009 due to his ability to lead off and steal bases. He could be a cheap source of SBs.
  • The Mets have handed the LF job to Daniel Murphy. Blame it on Madoff. Manny would be perfect in the Mets lineup. Did I just say that?
  • The Dodgers will have no restrictions on 21 yr old pitcher Clayton Kershaw in 2009, and have slotted him as their #2 SP.
  • Dodgers oft-injured SP Jason Schmidt pitched in an intra-squad game yesterday, and looked good. He could be a late round sleeper should he make it through spring training healthy.
  • The Red's Willy Taveras thinks he can steal 100 bases in 2009....WOW
  • The Cardinals are considering putting OF prospect Colby Rasmus in the 9 spot in the lineup.
  • The Rockies appear to have decided on Seth Smith in LF and Ryan Spilborghs in CF, with Spilz leading off.
  • Vernon Wells will miss the next month with a hamstring injury. How soon before Roy Halladay is put on the trading block?
  • The Indians finally gave up on former uber-prospect Andy Marte. Could Ed Wade be calling him soon?
  • <Jim Hendry> Does the fact that the Cubs are holding back Carlos Zambrano in spring training concern you like it does me?
  • Heard this: the Mets didn't go after Manny Ramirez and Orlando Hudson because ticket sales and sponsorships aren't going well.