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Fantasy Baseball: NL Sleepers for Saves

I am a firm believer that due to the annual turnover in closers, you can grab saves late in snake drafts or cheaper than a share of Citigroup in auction drafts. Every year, you can expect at least 5-8 closers to lose their jobs due to injury, trade, or just poor performance.

Here's a look at the 2009 closers by team. I have included the expected backup closer/set-up man:

Team Closer Backup
New York Rodriguez Putz
Philadelphia Lidge Madson
Florida Lidstrom Nunez/Ceda
Atlanta Gonzalez Soriano
Washington Hanrahan Riviera
Chicago Marmol Gregg
Milwaukee Hoffman Riske/Villaneuva
Houston Valverde Geary
St. Louis Perez/Motte Motte/Perez
Pittsburgh Capps Grabow
Cincinnatti Cordero Weathers
Arizona Qualls Pena/Rauch
Los Angeles Broxton Kuo
Colorado Street/Corpas? Corpas/Street
San Diego Bell Meredith
San Francisco Wilson Howry

Of the crop of set-up men listed above, the guys I think have the best chances at getting some saves, even significant saves are:

Jose Ceda-Florida-there's a reason why they traded Kevin Gregg for this guy-he can bring the heat.

Kevin Gregg-Chicago-Marmol was lights out as the set-up man the last few years, but we do not know how he will handle the closers job in 2009, and he got hit a little bit in the winter leagues.

Jason Motte-St. Louis-another guy who can bring the heat, who has put up very good peripheral stats in 2008.

Carlos Villaneuva-Milwaukee-he may be the best reliever in the Brewers bullpen.

Hong Chi Kuo-Los Angeles-there are some in the Dodgers organization who have worries whether Broxton can handle the closers job. Kuo, when healthy, could be a dominant closer. Others in the organization think one of the Dodgers prospects can handle the job also.

Manny Corpas-Colorado-he may win the job out of spring training (selfishly, I hope he does). If not, Street could easily be traded by the trade deadline should the Rockies fall out of the playoff race.