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Top 10 AL Shortstops - Think Calista Flockhart thin

After reading K-Law's chat today I'm feeling extra snarky today. Be warned.

Tier 1 - "You call this a top 4?"

1. Johnny Peralta - I refuse to spell his name with the H out of whack because it's so obviously misspelled on his birth certificate. With that said, this is the year he surpasses the paper kings of AL SS. No, this isn't saying too much but it'll be good to know on draft day. Hafner and VMart can't get worse than last year and Peralta scored 104 runs in '08 despite a low .329 OBP. LaPorta will also be a bump up from Garko so look for a much better cast around him this year.

2. Alexei Ramirez - Here are my thoughts from the 2nd base preview. You've got to love multiple position eligibility.

3. Michael Young - His years with 20+ hr power and .315+ averages appear to be gone and we're left with a player who's about to be moved to third base with hopes of a 10-10 season. Draft expecting numbers closer to '08 than '06.

4. Derek Jeter - Baseball Prospectus says -.288 88-6-56-13

Baseball Forecaster says - .290-93-12-71-10

My Yankees fan Dom says - .305-110-12-80-15

Tier 2 - "O-nly the lonely"

5. Orlando Cabrera - Let's pretend he's already an Oakland A since the handwriting's on the wall. As soon as Billy Beane gets back from teaching sheep farmers how to "fleece" their competition in NZ they'll scoop him up. Even though he's fading at 34 and the A's would put the kibosh on his one strength (speed), I'm still slotting him in at #5. Bobby Crosby could be my favorite ROY washout since Jerome Walton. Remember him early 30's readers?
Update - The Dodgers are now going after Cabrera. But, let's face it, I put that link in above for the "fleece" joke. I couldn't help myself.

Tier 3 - "Shield your eyes"

- Mike Aviles - When Pat Meares is one of your BP '09 comps you're going WAY too early in mock drafts at 145 overall. BP said it best, “ . . . not even his mother would have predicted this sort of breakout." His track record simply doesn't support this. Expect regression and a weak supporting cast.

- Yuniesky Betancourt - Ever since he entered the league Swingers has been his favorite movie. He also enjoys Contact but never get around to Walk the Line . If he doesn't soon Don Wakamatsu might end up showing him The Replacements.

It's Oscar's week, what can I tell you?

- Jed Lowrie - .652 OBP against righties in the bigs needs to be corrected quickly or else the Sox will be shopping for Christian Guzman at the deadline. No, Julio Lugo is not an option. It's best to just not to talk about him. It'll help Theo sleep better.

- Nick Punto - The poor man's Ryan Theriot should only be seen as an end game AL-only speed option.

I'm sorry to have put you through this. We can only hope Elvis Andrus along with Tim and Gordon Beckham make an impact sooner than later. I don't want to have to put any of us through this again next year.