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Fishing For Sleepers: NL East

The National League East hosts the deepest division in the NL with the World Series Champs and the team that can't seem to remember to keeping playing for 162 games.  Throw-in the Atlanta Braves, and the young pitching staff of the Florida Marlins, and you likely have four teams that would either be favored to win the other two divisions or picked to finish second

New York Mets, OF:  The Mets are spending the off-season disappointing their fans by failing to pursue Manny Ramirez.  as a result, the corner outfielder position remain in the hands of part-timers, retreads and never treads.  I'm partial to Danny Murphy and Ryan Church, but remember Angel Pagan and top prospect Fernando Martinez.

Philadelphia Phillies, 3B:  With Pedro Feliz still recovering from back surgery and reported to be behind schedule, whoever plays 3B could be a decent short-term starter.  Greg Dobbs offers the most short-term value, but rookie Jason Donald offers more in the longer term especially if he logs time at 2B to ease Chase Utley back.

Atlanta Braves, OF:  The lefty platooning with LF Matt Diaz offers some hope.  CF is more likely the place to find some quality fantasy players.  Is Josh Anderson going to continue to hit with the power he showed last September to go along with his 30+ SB speed or will rookie Jordan Schafer take over and bring the type of arm rarely seen in CF?

Florida Marlins, C: Rookie John Baker was one of the better catchers at the end of last season hitting .299/.392/.447 in 197 ABs.  As long as Ivan Rodriguez doesn't land in Florida, Baker looks like a keeper.

Washington Nationals, pitching staff: This team has five fantasy outfielders, but doesn't field a fantasy pitching staff with just closer Joel Hanrahan meriting roster inclusion.  I like what lefty John Lannan did in his rookie season, but the 117 Ks are worrisome.  Scott Olsen's ratios in 2008 matched the ones he posted in 2006 when he struck out 166, but he K'd just 113 in 2008.

Does Shawn Hill recover what little form he had in 2007?  Does Daniel Cabrera recover the K's that made him a high risk/high reward pitcher with the pitcher coming through the line-up every 9 batters?  How about top prospect Jordan Zimmerman?