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Keeper League Dilemma: Who Do I Keep/Trade For?

I have probably stated a few times that I participate in 3 NL-Only leagues, of which 2 are keeper leagues, and 1 is a snake draft league. One of my NL-Only leagues is the UBA league, a NYC-based league that has been in existence for about 20 years, of which Eric is a fellow owner.

My other keeper league-a 5x5 league, is the league that I have been participating in the longest-this year will be my 13th year in the league. Last year, I had a solid list of keepers entering the draft, but wasted money on the likes of Justin Upton, Manny Corpas and Cameron Maybin, so I began selling in late May-early June. I was able to make deals for solid keepers by trading guys like Prince Fielder, Jose Reyes, Alfonso Soriano and Adrian Gonzalez. In addition, I was able to deal away free agents that I had picked up on the waiver wire-Jay Bruce and Clayton Kershaw. This league assigns a zero salary to free agent pickups.

So, going into my March 8th deadline for my keeper list-we can keep up to 10, I have:

James Loney-$6

Dan Uggla-$13

Hanley Ramirez-$20

Lastings Milledge-$10

Nate McLouth-$6

Chad Billingsley-$6

Yovani Gallardo-$13

Matt Capps-$6

Jonathon Broxton-$14

I am not sure who to keep as my 10th keeper:

Johnny Cueto-$14

Andy Laroche-$11

Jason Schmidt-$2

Homer Bailey-$4

Or, an owner made me an offer today:

Adam Dunn @ $27 for Johnny Cueto and Tony Pena-$10.

I am also working on upgrading this deal to get a $38 Ryan Braun instead of Dunn.

Should I not get Braun, should I make the deal for Dunn, or keep Cueto and his 180+ strikeouts?