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Fantasy Football News Dump for 17 February

More news items of interest for slumbering fantasy football fans.  You'll be asking about this stuff in July, you just wait!


Brett Favre retires.  Again.  So, the Jets need a QB.

The Jaguars release RB Fred Taylor.  Although it seems as though he's been around for 24 years, he's only 33.  He has some mileage left in the tank and should end up somewhere.  In the right situation -- as a complement to Darren Sproles in SD for example -- he would have game-by-game fantasy value.

Former Lions' WR Mike Furrey says he's heard from friends that Daunte Culpepper will be the Lions' starting QB next season.  Ewwww.  That would likely mean Jon Kitna would be released.  Hey, the Jets need a QB. 

Bills RB Marshawn Lynch was arrested on a weapons charge.  This isn't Lynch's first legal issue -- remember he was charged in a hit and run last summer -- so it doesn't look good.  Considering that Plaxico Burress had a four game suspension for his weapons problems, I don't see how Lynch avoids a suspension of some sort.

The Atlanta Falcons still own the rights to QB Mike Vick and since there's no way on God's green earth he'll ever play for the Falcons again, they're trying to trade his rights.  They'll probably get something for him, there are reports that the Niners are interested.  And you know what, the Jets need a QB.

The Bengals used their franchise tag on K Shayne Graham, which is significant because they didn't use it on WR TJ Houshmandzadeh.   Expect to see Housh somewhere else next season, which means the Bengals offense will be...uh...poor.

Bucs QB Jeff Garcia -- nope, make that former Bucs QB Jeff Garcia.  Garcia has announced that the team has told him to hit the road.  If you didn't know, the Jets need a QB.