The Finalists: 4th Annual Fake Teams Best Fantasy Baseball Names Contest

This year I had to do more to make sure I choose the best of the FTBFBNC entries.  My wife and I reviewed them, but more was needed.  So it was off to see Paul Blart:  Mall Cop!

With all the previews for animated movies and commericals for Nickelodeon shows and products, I was gently reminded this is a family-friendly contest.  Out went the always-classic Pujols-inspired names.  Even the very topical one that combined the two best players in the game, Alex Rodriguez in New York and your previously-mentioned Pujols.

With my better angel having won, here are the finalists.  Please vote for the one consider the best.  The top three vote-getters will win a copy of Baseball Prospectus 2009: The Essential Guide to the 2009 Baseball Season.

Voting ends next Sunday morning. For those interested, here is a link to the entries.

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