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The Adam Dunn Fallout

The Washington Nationals overpaid to sign 1B/LF Adam Dunn to a two-year, $20 milion deal on the same day the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim signed LF Bobby Abreu to a one-year, $5 million dollar deal.  Boht players immediately become one to the best hitters on their respective teams.

As a result, there is collateral fantasy baseball damage done to the values of Angels' outfielders, and, what one figured was Nationals' first basemen.  However, this morning's Washington Post reports the Nationals will play Adam Dunn in LF as long as 1B Nick Johnson is healthy.

If this plan comes to fruitition, then the Nationals' outfielders will suffer considerable collateral damage.  The two most likely to see their fantasy value wrecked are Josh Willingham and Austin Kearns.  Both players are coming off disappointing seasons, and both pale in comparison to the across-the-board production of Lastings Milledge and Elijah Dukes.  However, this does not mean that Milledge and Dukes will not see their ABs eaten into by the desire to keep Willigham and Kearns fresh and viable as trade targets.

Overall, I don't understand the Nationals' desire to make a player its highest paid one while having cheaper options available at the only positions said highest paid player can play.  Barring a trade, and the recent history of Nats' GM Jim Bowden being able to do so is discouraging, the Adam Dunn signing will serve to frustrate fantasy baseball owners all season long.