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Fantasy Football Link Dump for February 10th

As you may have noticed (I hope somebody did), I've been quiet on the fantasy football front lately.  Part of it is the normal post-Super Bowl letdown, and part of it is that I'm trying to find a job.   You'd think unemployment would leave MORE time for fantasy sports, but strangely it hasn't worked out that way. 

Anyway, there will be a lower output of fantasy football posts for a while until fantasy baseball drafts are wrapping up, then I'll start ramping up for the NFL Draft.

For today, here are few news items with potentially huge fantasy impact for next season.

- Rototimes thinks Kurt Warner is coming back to Arizona

- But Anquan Boldin has announced that he's not coming back.  Does this change Warner's mind?  How good would Boldin look in Atlanta, Baltimore or Philadelphia?

- Larry Johnson wants out of Kansas City.  Who doesn't these days?  Johnson also has two -- count 'em -- different assault charges pending.   Jamaal Charles could be an interesting option this year.

- The Jets hope to have an answer from Brett Favre on his future within nine days.  Yeah, good luck with that Jets.  Would the Jets really pay this guy $13 million?

- The Seahawks finished 4-12 and have about $15 million to spend on free agents.  That doesn't seem like enough to turn the team around quickly.  It could be another long season for Matt Hasselbeck.

- Local media is reporting the rumor that RB Edgerrin James could end up in Tampa.  Yeah, because the Bucs don't have enough running backs.  Or old guys.

- The Lions have cut six players, including former fantasy darling Mike Furrey (who led the NFC in receptions in 2006). Strangely, they didn't cut either Daunte Culpepper or Jon Kitna as had been expected.