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2009 Fantasy Baseball: The Top Five Oakland A's

Do the Oakland A's have five viable fantasy players in anything but a 12-team or more mixed league? Mark Ellis clocking in at #5 is your answer. Jason Giambi at #2 is another. A 140 inning starting pitcher also answers assertively as does a reliever who might close.

On the plus side, the A's do have the player who Baseball Prosspectus' PECOTA projects to be the top fantasy hitter in traditional 4x4 formats. At $38, OF Matt Holliday could be under-rated so far. With 16 projected SBs, Holliday would more than justify that price.

After Holliday, the next closest A is OF/DH Jack Cust at $15. I am not completely sold on him and went with his older. more proven version of Jason Giambi.

Rank Player Position
1 Matt Holliday OF
2 Jason Giambi 1B
3 Justin Duchscherer SP
4 Joey Devine Closer
5 Mark Ellis 2B