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Fantasy Baseball: Position Scarcity Decisions On Draft Day

As a follow-up to Monday's article on drafting, I am trying to decide whether drafting for position scarcity or best player available is the better draft strategy.

I will be participating in an NL-only 5x5 league, and I see that after the first 5-6 catchers and 2bman, there isn' much to choose from. Last year, I was stuck with Mark Loretta and Omar Vizquel at my 2B and MI spots. Luckily, I drew the first pick and drafted Hanley Ramirez as my SS. In addition, I drafted Ramon Castro as my 2nd catcher, who started the 2008 season on the DL, and was able to pick up Chris Iannetta as my replacement.

This year, I don't want to be stuck with guys like Loretta and Vizquel as my MI players, so I may draft a 2bman or catcher early. Maybe Utley will slip to the 2nd round this year?? If he starts the year on the 15 day DL, I think it is possible, but then again, I draft with a bunch of Phillies fans, and Utley was the 2nd player chosen after I took Hanley.

Do faketeamers change their draft strategy to accomodate position scarcity, or jut draft the best player available?