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MLB Rumors: Where Does Manny Ramirez Make The Most Sense

Does anyone recall how protracted the Johan Santana trade rumors were last Winter? The Manny Ramirez signing rumors are now two days longer than those Santana trade rumors. (Mr. Rule V was dealt to the Mets on January 29th.)

With pitchers and catchers reporting in fewer than two weeks, there are still a number of teams who make a ton of sense for Manny Ramirez. The question is who is going to blink and forget about Manny's Boston antics.

Rob Neyer and Jorge Says No! offer the Los Angeles Angels as the best fit because he can DH. It would be even better if Manny Ramirez played 1B.

Since he doesn't want to do either, I postulate a team who will net so much offense from the displacement of its current LF is the best overall fit because some of Manny's deficiencies on defense will need to be covered.