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Down on the Farm: John Sickel's Top 20 Padres Prospects

Just a heads up that SB Nation's John Sickels has posted his Top 20 prospects for the San Diego Padres and is currently working on the top 20 list for the Chicago White Sox.

Here is what he said about his number 4 Padres prospect Jaff Decker:

4) Jaff "Commodore" Decker, OF, Grade B: If John Kruk and Matt Stairs can play in the majors, Jaff Decker can too, bad body or not.

Here is how Decker fared in A-ball in 2009:

2009 Club (Class)            AVG    OBP   SLG   AB     R      H     2B   3B   HR   RBI  BB  SO   SB
Fort Wayne (Lo A)             .299    .442   .514   358   78    107   25     2     16    64    85   92    10