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MLB Trade Rumors: Josh Johnson for Justin Smoak and Neftali Perez??

I was surprised to read that the Texas Rangers offered their two best prospects, Justin Smoak and Neftali Perez for the Marlins ace pitcher Josh Johnson. I am not sure any other team could top that offer of prospects for 2 years of JJ.

Here is what ESPN's Keith Law had to say on the offer:

"As good as Johnson is, that seems like too much to offer given the remaining years of control and the fact that Smoak and Feliz are two of the top 10 prospects in the game and two players Texas' front office prizes very highly. Smoak is a switch-hitting first baseman with patience & power from both sides, and Feliz has already shown what he can do in relief with a chance that he can still start due to his easy velocity."

The Marlins are in a semi-rebuilding mode after dealing Jeremy Hermida, and on the verge of dealing second baseman Dan Uggla. I say semi-rebuilding because they are a young team that is about to get younger once prospects Logan Morrison and Michael Stanton make it to the big league club in the next year or so.

I can't see why they rejected the Rangers solid offer. Should they have pulled the trigger on that deal, they could feature a lineup in 2010-2011 as follows:

Logan Morrison-LF

Cameron Maybin-CF

Michael Stanton-RF

Matt Dominguez-3B

Hanley Ramirez-SS

Chris Coghlan-2B

Justin Smoak-1B

John Baker-C

This team would be tough to beat on paper come 2011. If the Marlins feel they can compete in 2010, then you have to keep Josh Johnson. But, come July 31st and they are 10 games out, they should re-kindle these talks.