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MLB Trade Rumors: Curtis Granderson to the Yankees Back on the Table??

It appears the 3 team deal involving Curtis Granderson, Edwin Jackson, Max Scherzer, Ian Kennedy and prospects is back on the table, and if you beleive's Steve Gilbert, it is getting close to completion.

Here is his recent tweet:

Looks like deal is close to happening. D-backs give up Schlereth and Scherzer and get Kennedy and Edwin Jackson.

The deal would involve Granderson plus prospects going to the Yankees, Yankees outfield prospect Austin Jackson, Max Scherzer, Daniel Schlereth, and pitching prospects Michael Dunn and Phil, Coke going to the Tigers, and Edwin Jackson and Ian Kennedy to the Diamondbacks. Granderson would play centerfield for the Yankees, while Scherzer would jump into the Tigers rotation with Schlereth jumping into the closer mix, and Jackson and Kennedy joining the DBacks starting rotation.

The Tigers are demanding a major league ready centerfielder in the deal, and it appears Jackson will be the guy.

How soon before Miguel Cabrera is dealt? Ned, what's Dombrowski's number again?

Update: tweet from Ed Price from AOL Fanhouse:

#Diamondbacks and #Tigers waiting on #Yankees to sign off on 3-way deal. Answer expected by 2 pm Eastern