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Down on the Farm: Buster Posey to Start 2010 in AAA, Brandon Wood Finally Takes Over at 3B In LAA

Be sure to check out John Sickel's Top 20 Baltimore Oriole prospects over at Minor League Ball. He is currently working on the Top 20 San Diego Padres as well.

I was listening to XM 175 running errands yesterday, and caught some of Jeff Joyce's interview with Baseball America's John Manuel. Manuel mentioned that Buster Posey was going to start the season in AAA. I had read that the other day, but did not know the reason. Manuel explained that Posey has trouble catching pitchers who throw heat. Apparently, while at Florida State, he mainly caught pitcher who threw sinkers and sliders, as that is what FSU preaches to their young pitchers. So, Posey needs more work on catching pitchers who throw alot of fastballs, as he has trouble actually catching the ball, and framing the ball for strike calls.

Manuel was asked who which prospects he thought could make an impact in the majors in 2010. One name he mentioned was the Ray outfielder Desmond Jennings. In AA and AAA in 2009, Jennings went 11-62-52-.318-.401-.487 with a sparkling 67-67 K/BB ratio. Jennings chipped in with 31 doubles and 10 triples in 2009. In his 4 year minor league career, Jennings has stolen 134 bases, been caught only 29 times, with a 175/148 K/BB ratio.

As a result of Chone Figgins signing with the Seattle Mariners, the Angels appear to be finally turning over 3B to prospect Brandon Wood. Wood has proven he can hit minor league pitching as evidenced by his HR totals over the last 5 years-43-25-23-31-22. Wood will finally get the chance to show he can hit major league pitching in 2010.