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MLB Trade Rumors: Chone Figgins In Seattle?

According to sources, the Seattle Mariners and Chone Figgins are near an agreement on a contract. The exact terms are not entirely known, but it's been speculated that the deal could be worth 4 years, $36 million dollars (with Jayson Stark mentioning a vesting option for 2014.)

Signing Figgins would arguably give the Mariners the best 1-2 in baseball. Whether or not there is someone hitting behind them is yet to be determined. The Mariners have been linked to many different hitters including Jason Bay, Nick Johnson and Curtis Granderson, but Figgins marks the team's first major free agent signing.

According to, in 2009, Figgins was the 11th most valuable player in the major leagues. With career highs in runs and walks, Figgins proved to be one of the best leadoff hitters in baseball. Figgins average of .298 was a bit inflated due to his higher than average BABIP, but a regression to .280-.290 is likely and shouldn't hurt his overall value too much. Figgins move from one of the most aggressive baserunning teams in the league could effect his runs scored and stolen bases, however.

I still think Figgins will put up great speed and leadoff numbers, but do not think he'll score as many runs or hit for as high of an average. If he falls to you at later rounds, don't be afraid to grab him. Just don't be surprised if he doesn't match his numbers from 2009.