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Down on the Farm: John Sickel's Top 20 Yankees Prospects for 2010

John posted his Top 20 Yankee prospects this afternoon over at Minor League Ball. Here is what he had to say about the Yankees system overall:

The Yankees system is interesting to study. They have one of the best prospects in baseball in Jesus Montero, who has the offensive potential to be a superstar but no clear position. I'm confident enough in his bat to give him a straight Grade A even without a place for him to play. After Montero, things thin out quickly, but there are still a lot of interesting players here.

It is no suprise that catching prospect Jesus Montero is his number 1 prospect in the system, but he compares Montero's bat to Mike Piazza and Manny Ramirez!!!!!!!!!!

Wow. Let the Yankee hype machine begin!!!