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Down on the Farm: John Sickel's Top 20 Chicago Cubs Prospects for 2010

Last night, John Sickel's posted his Top 20 Chicago Cubs prospects for 2010 over at Minor League Ball. And he is not a fan of former #1 prospect third baseman Josh Vitters. Here is what he wrote in his summary after the Top 20 list:

Josh Vitters is a weird case; I posted his full comment in the Cubs player list thread on the blog. I don't want to be a fundamentalist about his low walk rate, but 12 walks for an entire season is pretty ridiculous. It helps that he doesn't strike out much, and because of his age I'm willing to be patient, no pun intended, for awhile longer.

But he is a fan of the much-hyped SS Starlin Castro and thinks he will be a star, but only if the Cubs take it slow with him. That remains to be seen.

Head on over to Minor League Ball and check out the rest of the Cubs Top 20 prospects.