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MLB Trade Rumors: Vladimir Guerrero to the Mets??

I was listening to XM Radio 175 last evening and heard Jody McDonald mention that he thinks the Mets should sign Vladimir Guerrero. His reasoning is that Guerrero is probably undervalued in the market after an injury filled 2009 season, and he would come cheap. I could see Vlad being the 2010 version of Bobby Abreu-signing a one-year deal for about $5 million, outperforming expectations and signing a two year deal faster than you can say "see you in spring training".

Guerrero, who turns 35 in February, had an off year in 2009 where he went 15-50-.295-.334-.460-.794 in 383 ABs in 100 games. His drop in production could be due to the injuries or could be just normal performance slip for a 34 year old playing in his 13th season.

Vlad's performance dropped across the board, where his BB% dropped to 4.6%. his career BB% of 8.9%, his SLG% dropped to .460 vs a career SLG% of .568. His BB%, OBP, SLG and OPS were the lowest of his career. By far.

Should the Mets sign Guerrero? I say as long as he comes cheap and they have someone, Angel Pagan to spell him 2-3 times a week in left field.